Baking by Weight

I know that baking isn't exactly "art", but it IS a crafty science...

Made some berry muffins using the ratio system, where you don't use an official recipe but instead you stick to a pre-set ratio of ingredients.  A food scale is highly recommended for this method of cooking, as it's nearly impossible to get the ratios correct without weighing the ingredients.  Flour can get compact and heavier when it's humid out, etc.

For muffins, the ratio is:
2 parts flour : 1 part sugar : 2 parts liquid (usually milk) : 1 part egg : 1 part butter
plus any dry ingredients you want to add, e.g. walnuts

This is all explained in a book called Ratio by Michael Ruhlman.

Since I've clocked many, many hours into cooking/baking, I'll be including food-making as a part of this blog.  These muffins took roughly 15 minutes to prep, 30 minutes to bake (at 350°).


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