Weekly Learnings (December 11th - 15th 2023)


This is a collection of things that I've learned about over the past week: 

👀 The Standard of Code Review 👀

These are good principles to brush up on, no matter what level of software developer you are.

🎓 Physics & Math Tutor 🎓

A good site to visit for some daily brain exercises and random learning in the form of official exams!

🦀 Why Rust is Making You Fail 🦀

Possibly controversial opinion piece on how C/C++ etc. are more worthwhile than learning and adopting Rust.

💡 7 Principles Every Developer Should Know 💡

The title says it all!

📑 Software Licenses in Plain English 📑

Software licenses are confusing; this is especially relevant for any devs who work in open source software.

🧠 Understanding Consciousness Is Key to Unlocking Secrets of the Universe 🧠

This is a book review for "Putting Ourselves Back in the Equation" by George Musser; there seems to be an uptick in scientists thinking that consciousness is the key to understanding the fundamental physical laws of the universe.

📦 PEP 458 – Secure PyPI Downloads With Signed Repository Metadata 📦

More security for PyPI!


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