Weekly Learnings (January 8th - 12th 2024)

This is a collection of things that I've learned about over the past week:

If you work in open source, this is a crucial tool to measure whether or not you are engaging with community members and contributors at an optimal level.

✨ The Magic of Dependency Resolution ✨

Wanna learn more about dependency management and SAT solvers? Then you'll wanna check out this blog post.

🦀 Generating Terminal User Interfaces with ratatui + ChatGPT 🦀

I ❤️ command line tools! If you do, too, then read about ratatui and how to create awesome terminal user interfaces (TUIs) using this Rust library.

🎋 Understanding Python Decorators and How to Use Them Effectively 🎋

Learn about what Python decorators are and how to implement them in your code.

🚶Understanding Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Python 🚶

Look at the famous "shortest path" algorithm through the lens of Python.

👔 How to Write a Work Proposal in 6 Simple Steps 👔

This might seem like a straightfoward task, but oftentimes it's not! I plan on writing a post in the near future about putting together a talk proposal for conferences, so stay tuned!


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