Weekly Learnings (January 15th - 19th 2024)

This is a collection of things that I've learned about over the past week:

Fighting technical debt at work? Read this for tips on how to get your manager on board with your quest to remove and/or refactor outdated code!

🏃 How Much Memory Do You Need to Run 1 Million Concurrent Tasks? 🏃

Check this blog post out if you're into performance analysis.

🐍 Python 3.12 Preview: More Intuitive and Consistent F-Strings 🐍

Check out info on f-strings in Python for version 3.12!

🤖 What is MLOps? 🤖

You might know what DevOps is, but do you know about MLOps?

🌳 How Git Truly Works 🌳

Git is an amazing tool; learn about how it works under the hood!

🦀 Top Rust Libraries 🦀

Check this out if you want to expand your Rust toolbox.


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