Needle Felted Macaroon Magnets

 Just look at those faces!

I wanted some more colorful items to put on my fridge and filing cabinets, so I decided to needle felt these macaroons in different "flavors" and turn them into magnets.  There's a bit of wool covering the back of each magnet, which should ensure many years of use without the magnet discs detaching from the macaroon.

The magnets are rare earth neodymium, found on Amazon.  All small parts are glued on using Mod Podge Fabric glue.

Below you can see the magnets on a fridge and a workshop vice:

If you're into wool felting but can't seem to find a reliable source for your wool roving, felting needles, etc., check out Weir Dolls and Crafts.  They have so much amazing stuff and their prices are great!  Living Felt has great customer service and product selection as well, but their prices tend to run a bit higher.

Each macaroon magnet took me around 30 minutes each.  They're all listed on my Etsy shop, in the Needle Felted Magnets section.


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