Colored Pencil Animal Drawings for Baby Room

In order to add some decoration to my son's room, I made two animal drawings using colored pencils.

Method: I traced a couple of photos from David Attenborough's book Life on Earth then transferred them onto Canson Mi-Tientes colored pastel paper.  After transferring, I filled in the outlines with colored pencil, much like one would do with a coloring book.  :)  I really like the results, and am looking forward to applying this technique to future paintings/collages.

I used Polychromos colored pencils (made in Germany).  These are oil-based so if you want to do life-like drawings with them, you can use a bit of citrus solvent with a brush or Q-tip and "melt" the pigments together for a beautiful blended effect.  The leads on these pencils are super durable, I didn't have to deal with constant breakage like I've found with Prismacolor pencils.  As an added bonus, they don't bloom like the wax-based Prismacolors do.

It took around 11 hours total to do both drawings, start to finish.


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