Knitted Cotton Bib

Wowzers, another long break was taken since my last post here!  I *do* have a very good excuse, though... my son was born in early February!  Yay!

In keeping with the baby theme, I wanted to post about a knitted bib that I made for him during my pregnancy.

When I made it I didn't know he was gonna be a boy, so I tried to keep the colors gender-neutral (though now when I look at it I think it's a tad girly).

The bib is made from 100% cotton Sugar n' Cream yarn.

The pattern is from the book Knitting for Baby.

It took some intermediate/advanced skills (picking up all of the stitches around the curved edges was a real pain) + tools (circular needles).  I rented it from the library, it was the only item I made from the book so I'm not sure how easy/difficult the rest of the patterns are.

Here's a photo of my little sweetpea, proudly modeling his handmade bib!  :)

Total time: 6.5 hours
[The only one I'll make, since it took so long!  But hey, it's an heirloom piece.]


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