Deck Garden Update, April 14th

It's been a while since I posted anything, but I've got a good excuse: a new job!  Yay!  So even though my "making stuff" time will decrease, I'll try my best to keep up with it and post photos of items on here whenever I can (especially once my schedule becomes more predictable).

We're finally getting some consistently warm weather here in North Carolina, so the plants on the deck are growing steadily and getting bigger every day.  Check them out!

Black Beauty Zucchini:

Crystal Apple Cucumber (can't wait to eat these!):

Double-Yield Cucumber:

Black Hungarian Hot Pepper:

Golden Zucchini:

Strawberries (transplant from Lowe's):

Mystery Zucchini (planted both black & gold types):

Radish (Burpee seeds from Lowe's):

Close-up of the leaves (all edible!):


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