Radish Sprout Salad

Did you know that radish leaves are edible?  I just learned this fact a couple of weeks ago.  Most grocery stores cut the greens off (and throw them away, I guess?) in order to store radishes for longer periods of time.

Knowing this fact, I decided to put radish seedlings into a spinach salad for dinner (photo above).  I had to thin the extra plants out anyway, so the sprouts were totally bonus!  Unlike the mature leaves, radish seedlings taste just like radish (pretty spicy).

To conclude:  If you grow radishes, make sure you keep the greens and eat them!  You can treat them just like spinach (eaten raw, or after some light cooking), just make sure you wash the leaves thoroughly to get any soil off.  The taste is mild, a little spicy, depending on the type of radish you're growing.


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